Tokyo Stray Cat Rapsody

Video site that youbeen takingoverin'10astray
catliving in the downtown areaof Yanaka
, Japan

šVideo of the field cats who live in Tokyo to Yanaka in Japan is delivered.š
š "Yanaka" known to be place where atmosphere of "Edo" was left in Tokyo.
Cats who settle in the stairs at the shopping street entrance are being video delivered
šIt goes over 30 or more cats in three years, and is video record.š
The charming video of 200 or more cats carries a full load.š

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Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan
An image remains. of a downtown area
The side of stairsan dan-dan Stairs
There is a Stray cat which is stubbornly useful.

Cats of the Seto Inland Sea
Stray cat of Japan

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